NIH Bridges to Baccalaureate 2015: Cloning and Biscuits

Victoria Partida

The National Institutes of Health Bridges to the Baccalureate program promotes institutional partnerships between community colleges and schools offering 4 year baccalaureate programs, such as UC Berkeley.

Victoria, who is a microbiology major from Chabot College, worked with both Yvonne and Jenny, learning various molecular biology and Arabidopsis-specific laboratory techniques, before finishing up successfully cloning several constructs with Jenny.

When Victoria left, she made these wonderful biscuits for the lab and for her B2B fellows.

(1) An arabidopsis silique showing the 50 % seed abortion characteristic of the dme-2 mutant
(2) An bacterial streak-out plate
(3) Eppendorf with Arabidopsis seeds
(4) T1 seed selection on antibiotics, with one hopeful growing seedling!
(5) An adult Arabidopsis thaliana plant! Complete with influorescence and extended siliques

Below is Victoria Partida-Young and the excellent poster she made and presented at the NIH Bridges Summer Research Colloquium