Adam Adair

Adam's Biography:

As an undergraduate, I attended the University of Missouri where I majored in plant sciences with an emphasis in plant breeding, genetics and biotechnology and minored in soil sciences.  While at the University of Missouri, I started my research career in Dr. Candace Galen’s plant ecology lab in September 2009. While working in the Galen lab, I was offered an additional research position in Dr. Michael McMullen’s plant genetics lab in February of 2010. I worked in both the Galen and McMullen labs for a little over a year. In May of 2011, I left the Galen and McMullen labs to join Dr. James Schoelz’s virus biotechnology lab where I was given my first independent research project. After working in the Schoelz lab for two years, I graduated from the University of Missouri in May of 2013.

I joined the Fischer lab because I am very interested in how different epigenetic characteristics affect plant development. I believe the close relationship between the Fischer lab (where plant development is a large focus) and the Zilberman lab (where epigenetics and bioinformatics is the focus) will allow me to pursue my interest in characterizing the roles of different epigenetic marks in plant and seed development.

I would like to be reincarnated as a passionfruit vine because I could grow to reach the tops of trees in the tropical regions in which I would grow and I would have big, beautiful flowers that produce fruits for people and animals to enjoy.

The amazing passionfruit vine:

Passionfruit vine